Five Important Google Penalty Removal Insights

Google penalty is never a welcome guest; all of us want to get rid of the penalty as soon as you realize that your website has been penalized. While Google penalty could prove to be the most trying period for your business and for your website, you could gain some great insights out of the entire process that will help you protect yourself from similar issues in the future. Here are few important Google penalty removal insights that every webmaster should pay attention to effective lift the penalty.

1. Reconsideration requests work. Most webmasters give up immediately when they see that their website has been penalized. They start looking at alternative options even before they have made adequate efforts for lifting their penalty. You must know that reconsideration requests work and it is worth spending time and putting in the right efforts to submit your reconsideration requests.

2. Reconsideration requests must never be submitted prior to rectification measures. An important insight to note is that reconsideration requests to Google works but it does not mean that just by submitting a reconsideration request, you could set things right. You will need to make sure that prior to the submission of the reconsideration requests you follow all the steps required for the removal of the penalty including the use of Google’s link disavow tool. Submitting reconsideration requests before rectification process could make things worse for your website.

3. Google penalty removal has its own timeline and waiting period. Though we would want to get things done quickly and want to remove the penalty overnight, things do not work that way. There is a specific timeline and a waiting period before you could start seeing any positive results. Patience is very important because if you are not patient you will try to get the ranking of your website restored using questionable shortcuts, which will only complicate the scenario.

4. Quick response helps in minimizing the damage caused. It is important to act as fast as you could when it comes to fighting Google penalty issues. When Google penalizes your website, your website’s ranking for all the important keywords for which you had worked for all along drops dramatically. Your website is completely stripped of its ranking. There cannot be anything more dreadful than to lose one’s ranking like this. The result? Your traffic drops and your business conversions reach almost zero.

If you want to bring back things to normal, you will need to work immediately. The longer you take to respond to the crisis the greater will be your losses. It has been proven beyond doubt that quick response to Google penalty issues helps in keeping the losses to the minimum. Even if your efforts should commence immediately, Google takes its own time to respond. It is therefore important to initiate the process as fast as you could to cut the losses.

5. Working with a professional Google penalty removal service helps. Though you could try to handle the situation yourself by following the simple steps of Google penalty removal, it is always helpful to obtain professional assistance. You will be able to speed up the process when you get someone that knows what they are doing when compared to you having to figure out everything yourself. You will be able to improve your chances of faster recovery with the help of a professional Google penalty removal company. If you should decide to make use of a Google penalty removal service, you should make sure to screen your service provider with great caution. Remember that you are in this dreadful situation probably because you have not been cautious in selecting your SEO and link building company. You should not commit the same mistake. This time around at least be prudent in picking the right Google penalty removal company.

Working with a professional penalty removal service will not only improve your chances with Google but you will also save a considerable amount of time, which you could use for other more productive tasks pertaining to your business.

A final word of warning, never try to speed up things by making use of any unwarranted shortcuts that could make things even more complex than what it is now.