Fitbit announce today at CES 2015 that their latest fitness trackers, the Charge HR and the Surge smartwatch, are finally shipping. Despite a major recall in 2014 Fitbit has made themselves a dominate force in the fitness market.  These two new models are likely to carry the company into 2015 and further.

The Charge HR is designed after Fitbit’s previous device the Fitbit Force, however they added heart rate monitoring to their new build and it sits at a retail price of $150.

The Surge smartwatch is built as more of a smartwatch than fitness tracker, but all its features are clearly designed for fitness fanatics. This piece of technology has a retail price of $250 and includes a heart rate monitor and built-in GPS capabilities that track pace, distance, and elevation.

The watch has a customizable LCD face that can display Called ID, text alerts, and media playback. The Surge smartwatch will be competing with other big name brands like Samsung and Garmin, but Fitbit holds the inexpensive card.

For now you can only get the fitness trackers from, but they will hit retailers in the coming weeks and international shipping is expected sometime in February.