Information about FIFA 18, probably one of the most curious games of the year, is coming up slowly. In the last quarter of this year, FIFA 18, which will meet with players, has come to the forefront of the EA Sports front. For the first time, FIFA 18 was heard from the official mouths and the first detail about the game revealed.

We can say that the most noticeable thing about the new game in terms of information given by CEO Andrew Wilson is ‘The Journey’ career mode.

The Journey mode, introduced with FIFA 17, will challenge FIFA 18 in the second season and new characters and new stories will be included in the game. Other explanations of Wilson are as follows:

“Our development team in Vancouver is working on a system that includes Ultimate Team, a highly innovative experience for gamers, and our team is aiming to present FIFA’s game, which offers the best experience up to now, with more than 10 million people playing The Journey The number of Ultimate Team players also increases by 10% each year.”

The journey mode makes it possible to play the games in POV mode, which means you’ll see the game over the eyes of the footballer. It starts with a team in the Premier League and afterwards it can go to different teams according to success. When certain tasks are given during the matches, a certain goal or number of assists is required. Decisions given in the script affect the fate of our Information about FIFA 18, and the story can change course. FIFA 18 is expected to be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms in late September. In the coming months, new details about the game will become available.

FIFA 18 has gradually begun to raise our expectations. Let’s see how the game will look like…