The Samsung Group’s battery production partner Samsung SDI has confirmed that a “minor” fire has occurred in the factory.

Photographs going viral on the internet show that the sky is covered with black smoke rising from the building. Samsung SDI official Shin Yong-doo said that the production at Tianjin facilities was not affected by the fire.

Samsung is getting a significant portion of the smartphone batteries from Samsung SDI, and as you will remember, Samsung SDI was one of the major battery suppliers of Galaxy Note 7 and they share the biggest responsibility of the Note 7 fiasco.

He says the fire goes out in the garbage storage, not at the production facilities. So we can say that Samsung SDI does not blink or burst everything it produces.

Samsung SDI employee says the fire broke out in the garbage storage section, not at the production facilities.

Bloomberg reported that there was indeed a fire at “plant operated by the affiliate of Samsung Electronics in Tianjin.”