I was shocked like all other bloggers and online consumers of content with the news that Google will kill Google Reader soon. But it literally opened a dead market and a lot of players jumped in. I played around with Digg, AOL but I was happy with Feedly. However, when I read about Feedspot app which is still in beta, I thought of giving it a try.

Major Features of Feedspot

The login process of Feedspot app has one step and is a real quick one. Though some may debate that social logins can give more visibility specially when Facebook login is one of the preferred choices. But for an app like Feedspot where you search, consume and share news it made more sense to not have social logins. Rest most of the social logins have a default sharing option and they tend to become a spam for others.

1. Add existing feeds and discover new sites: The moment you log in you are provided three choices – 1) Import existing feed, 2) Follow your favourite site and 3) Discover content based on your interest.

Import existing feed will work if you have a file type of OPML or ZIP file of your Google Reader. Follow your favourite site is an option where you can search for your favourite site and follow it.

The third feature – Discovery of content is the interesting bit. The app has a huge range of categories such as Tech, Social Media, Design, Startup, etc. You can click on any of them to find a range of sites listed. You can follow the ones you like and consume news. The below screen grab shows the Discovery feature:


2. Social Feature – Friends Activity: One of the exciting features in the app allows you to invite your friends and share content between your circle of friends. You can also see some of the listed people whom you can follow. Once you follow them you can see your activity as well as your set of friends activity in the section.


The content once shared is only visible in this section. At the end of a content, there is a share button and on click is added in the section. This also brings the feel of a social networking site in a minimalistic way.

You can also perform activities such as comment, share, favourite, email, etc. on the content that is shared by your friends. Facebook’s commenting platform has been integrated with the app.

3. Other Social Features: Another set of features have been provided on the content that is being consumed. So you can share, favourite, tweet and comment on the content. Apart from comments you are reminded of Google Reader.

Besides this every time you favourite or share a content, you can set rules to be shared simultaneously on other social media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Evernote, etc.


4. Upgrade to Gold option: Right now the upgrade feature provides you two options – 1) No ads, and 2) Addition of more social media sites. If a user upgrades for a Gold option then he will experience the app without any ads. In addition to this, upgrade allows additional sharing on sites like Evernote, Buffer, Pocket, etc.

How good is Feedspot?

Design and user experience: The app with a clean and minimalistic look has been designed with love. The entire experience has been very interesting and makes me want to come again. Right now the app provides only two views but I am sure going further the founders would love to bring some more reading styles like Feedly does. Adding and organizing content could be more interesting. Nevertheless, the app scores elegantly in design and user experience.

Features experience: The features that are present right now take your news reading experience one step ahead with the integration of social features. The Friends Activity feature is an interesting one as I would love not to follow a bunch of people but only those who make sense to me.

Right now the only feature I would crave for would be the app suggesting me users depending on interests. It would definitely make the app better as a user can find like-minded people.

For a blogger like me, an RSS reader is a backbone and with the sudden closure of Google Reader, I shifted to Feedly and till date the experience has been quite interesting. So it is a tough call for me to shift to Feedspot. Nevertheless, the Feedspot experience has been enriching and deserves one look.

It would be interesting to know from the founder how the app is scoring in an already crowded market. So will you give it a try?