Lunar WiFi

Wifi on the moon? Is it really possible for the astronauts or the visitors to the earth’s satellite to enjoy the internet there? Well, the time to ask these questions is almost over. This might sound surprising, but the research and efforts by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have made it possible. The agency has collaborated with the scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has traveled a long way to make this possible. They have used the earth-bound telescopes for this purpose. The objective: to beam the infrared pulses to the satellite that is orbiting the moon. This is likely to enhance the connectivity aspects on the moon’s surface. Besides, this will ensure that you are able to remain connected even when you are visiting the surface of earth’s only naturally occurring satellite.

Infrastructural Development beyond the Skies

Activities in space have increased significantly over the past few years. NASA is planning to send more people to space in near future. The moon is likely to experience more footfalls in the years to come. In fact, NASA has already advanced a bit in the process of developing an infrastructure on different planetary bodies and on the lunar surface as well, which will make it easier for the visitors to spend time on the moon. The program is set to ensure that people going to space do not face any kind of problem there. There will be arrangements of vehicles, EVA crew members, scientific equipment and other similar things on the surface of the moon.

Connecting the Outer Space

Along with all the arrangements, there will be options to help the visitors on the outer space and on the moon remain connected through wifi. The lunar surface will have “gateway nodes” through which the wifi will be implemented. And this will be a welcome change for the visitors on the moon’s surface who will be able to enjoy fast wifi while spending their time on the moon. Thus, there’s every chance to remain connected to your familiar world even when you are so far away, having traveled some distance even across the space.

Overcoming the Low Speed of Wifi

If random people are asked which aspect of the internet usage frustrates them most, the answer would surely be unanimous: the low speed. No matter where you are on this planet’s surface, it is always difficult to get extremely high wifi speed. Be it the process of sending a heavy file over the internet or watching a streaming video, you are sure to feel frustrated at times. But what is the solution for this? You might find it enchanting to hear that the lunar surface provides wifi at a much faster pace than its global counterparts. So, don’t be surprised if you find moon has better internet than your home.

Absence of Atmosphere Ensures Better Signal

Wifi is one of the most important additions in the field of internet and technology in recent times. However, in many cases the low speed through wifi makes it difficult for the users to surf the internet properly. It has been observed that the major obstacle towards using wifi is caused by the earth’s atmosphere. And with no atmosphere present on moon, the wifi signals travel with ease. In New Mexico, the United States, four telescopes have been employed to send the signal to moon.

Focusing Beyond the Stars

The future plans of NASA and MIT are even greater. The planning is on for developing devices that will work perfect at every corner of the solar system. If ever achieved, this will surely be a great step forward for human civilization. And no matter where a person will be in the whole solar system, he will surely remain connected with his friends and family thousands and thousands of miles apart. This can be regarded as a major breakthrough in the field of technology and communication as well.

The introduction of wifi has primarily helped to improve the experience of surfing the internet. However, the concept of taking the wifi to the space, on the moon and beyond stars, has added a new dimension to it. It has ensured that no matter where a person travels in this universe, he will always have the opportunity to remain connected to his friends and family with the help of internet.

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