In just one year Facebook has seen an increase of visual content by 75% globally, and 94% in the US. Globally, the amount of Facebook video posts from people and brands in the News Feed has increased by 3.6x each year. The increase of people creating, posting, and interacting with videos on Facebook is changing the composition of the News Feed.

In June 2014, Facebook averaged more than 1 billion video views every day. On average, more than 50% of people on Facebook in the US watched at least one video daily, while 76% of the people in the US say they tend to discover the videos they watch from Facebook.

For content creators this means becoming more conscious that people will discover your video post in the News Feed next to photos from a friend, or a status update from their relatives. The video will have to fit in and be something that the audience wants to share.

The launch of auto-play and the increase of mobile use, means it’s important to focus on video posts that grab the attention of your audience from the first frame of a video. The auto-play feature will play the video silently as well, so the video will need to catch someone’s attention before the sound is even on.

It is vital to know your audience, look at your video insights to get an understanding of what they watch and what doesn’t typically work well.