According to Re/code, Facebook just gained start up company, a helps with natural language processing. The software allows users to speak to their phones or other robots.

Facebook has always been interested in software such as, which explains why they had their eyes set on the company. Even through the acquisition, the language processing software will remain available. The question is how Facebook will change the company over time. said in a blot post that Facebook’s primary goal is to connect people and build a great experience for 1.3 billion users. “Technology that understands natural language is a part of that, and we think we can help.”

Facebook hasn’t announced their plans for the software as of yet, but with it being the top site for social networking, could enhance the networking site. Buying the communication technology is a lot quicker than the social media company building their own from scratch.

There have been some saying that Facebook will pair their newly-acquired program with the Oculus Rift to improve navigating within virtual environments.

Right now, technology can be accessed on device by companies that have installed the communication technology in their apps.

Facebook works alongside many mobile developers, so it’s possible they could win a bit more by offering their new technology to them. And with’s technology’s mission being to creepily make it possible for machines to understand human language – a common trend today – the startup company is perfect for Facebook.

The team that founded the communication company will remained employed under Facebook. A few other employees from headquarters located in Menlo Park, California will also be joining Facebook.

Neither company is releasing additional information about the deal. So until either company responds, the logistics and future use of the program will be unknown.

Skype just released their beta version of a new real time translating program that enhances communication between two different languages through technology. Using technology to enhance communication and break down language barriers around the globe is a highly popular idea.

Seems like Facebook is joining that.

[PhotoCredit: Techcrunch]