Enterprise Tablets Set to Go Big This Year [Infographic]

We’re well past the tablets-as-playthings phase and fully immersed in the realization that tablets are valuable tools for productivity.

The iPad has already made its way to food trucks, taxis and banks. And while Apple has seen incredible success with its tablet device, Android-based tablets have seen adoption in the enterprise as well.

For example, KidsCare Therapy, a Dallas-based home healthcare agency, successfully deployed Samsung Galaxy Tabs to assist with its physical and occupational therapy services last year.

Vertic, a digital ad agency for Fortune 500 companies, is so confident in the rise of the enterprise tablets that the company put together an infographic dubbing 2012 “The Year of the Enterprise Tablet.”

The agency sifted through plenty data to make their case. A few of the highlights from their findings include:

  • 96.3 million tablets are expected to ship in 2016
  • 38 percent of senior executives have been issued a tablet
  • 57 percent of IT managers have seen personal tablets regardless of company policy
  • 67 percent of workers reported using the tablet device for working remotely
  • Legal, hospitality, energy and retail are among the sectors expected to be impacted most by tablets in 2012

Check out the infographic from Vertic below.

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