A business’s highest utility comes from smooth operation and steady productivity. Thanks to apps and software this goal is easier to reach than ever. Whatever the enterprise may be, software is the key to keeping the functions well oiled. However often times we get so excited about a new, seemingly life saving, piece of software that we completely ignore even the most basic of security checks.

Most software has access to very sensitive enterprise information and security breaches are not unheard of, in face, they happen quite often. Critical data can become compromised very quickly when the average company outsources 65% of its mission critical apps. Currently 63% of reported data breaches were the result of a security deficiency in a third party app, yet fewer than one in five enterprises conduct third party software security assessments.

What’s the best way to avoid a security breach from sketchy software? First thing is to look for the VerAfied mark that signifies that that piece of software has gone through and assessment from Veracode and the provider has remediated any identified vulnerabilities. Keep in mind that if your software vendor is not showing that their products are secure, then they aren’t secure.

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Third Party Software Security Infographic

Infographic by Veracode Application Security