In the year 2010, India had shown noticeable changes in the enterprise software market. According to the report presented by Gartner, the revenue increases by 16.3 percent annually that estimated to $2.5 billion whereas in 2009 it was $2.1 billion. Asheesh Raina the principal research analyst at Gartner remarked, “In 2010, major software vendors expanded their product portfolios, acquired companies where appropriate to their plans, and reached deeper into emerging markets including India.” The Indian market is gaining its significance for which it is considered to be one of the profitable destinations for outsourcing.

Enterprise Software Companies

India is considered to be the fourth largest in Enterprise Software Companies with an expected growth of 11.8 percent in 2010. The main reason behind the growth of the Indian market is because inexpensive but highly talented professionals are easily available which helps to develop cost effective software products for the clients. Within the domestic market the sale of computer hardware has increased by 28% and the sale of software rose to 19%. This enables the Indian Enterprise Software Companies to present their products in the international market at a competitive rate.