Mobile Apps are fast becoming an ubiquitous part of people’s lives today. From gaming to entertainment to shopping and most importantly working, apps are becoming integral in and out of the office. It is therefore, hardly surprising that according to a new report from Harris Poll, commissioned by Appian, enterprise mobility tops IT investments by IT decision makers in 2016.


The study points to a whopping 90% of IT decision makers who consider enterprise mobility as critical for ensuring customer engagement, competitiveness and operational productivity in the coming year.

Some of the salient findings include a belief among 61% of the respondents that enterprise mobility would yield the biggest returns to their company in the new year with 87% reporting that enterprise mobility was critical to their company’s profitability.

Some of the other important findings include –

Custom Apps Take the Spotlight

With 85% of the IT decision makers agreeing that custom apps were the key, over half of the respondents said they would increase their custom application development budget in 2016 regardless of company revenue.

Drivers for Custom Application Development

Some of the top drivers for the growing importance of custom mobile application development included efficiency, security, operational productivity and customer engagement with about 4 in 10 respondents indicating that it would take their company 3-6 months to deliver a new application to their business.

Challenges to Enterprise Mobility

An overwhelming majority of IT decision makers, at 95% cited challenges in achieving full enterprise mobility in 2016. These challenges included agility, speed and security. A major concern found was security, with nearly 9 in 10 decision makers concerned about it in both custom application and  pre-packaged applications.

Will 2016 be the year of enterprise mobility? Will custom mobile app development and mobility solutions take center stage and lead to profitability ? With the study pointing to telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare / pharma, transportation and retail as major sectors to adopt enterprise mobility, 2016 certainly is shaping up to be the one !

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