1-800 numbers have become the most popular choice of contact number in business telecommunication. Toll free numbers became this popular because calls made to these numbers are actually free of charge. It is very appealing to the customers if they have a free phone call service. This feature is known as one of its prime benefits.

800 number’s free phone call service feature encourages your customers to make business transactions to your company. If they have any inquiries about your products and/or services, they will no longer hesitate to contact you anytime since they know that the call will not cost them even a single penny. This telecommunication feature not only helps you increase the number of calls you receive but also increases the chances of having new clients and other business opportunities.

So what are the features or benefits you can get from 1-800 numbers? Enumerated below are just some of these features:


Auto attendantToll free numbers have a built- in auto attendant that helps you attend to any of your incoming business calls. You will never miss any calls or messages anymore because of this feature. It will keep your business phone system active 24/7 to accommodate all your customer’s inquiries or transactions. Expect to have a communication system that never goes down anytime, anywhere. Whether it is already beyond your business hours, your calls and messages will be addressed by the auto- attendant.

The capability of the automated attendant to provide your company with a round-the-clock communication system leads to smooth and flawless transactions with your customers. A communication system that is active 24/7 is a must in every business office. It is also extremely important especially when dealing for urgent business concerns. Any problems can be addressed at a faster rate since your business will always be a phone call away when you make use of 800 phone numbers.

Call forwarding service– With this communication feature, any customer will no longer wait for the next business day to receive a reply from your office. Call forwarding service lets you receive calls from your clients even when you are not in your office. This way, you can respond to them as long as you are using 1-800 phone digits.

There are service providers that can forward calls to your mobile phones and other portable communication gadgets. This is done by integrating these gadgets as phone extension system. It is very practical to have a mobile communication nowadays since it will allow you to communicate with your clients regardless of your location. This is one of the best advantages you can get from the 800 number.

Avoid long distance charges– Toll free numbers will let you communicate with customers abroad without them paying for international phone call charges. Your callers won’t be charged for any call charges because 800 numbers is not limited to local, long distance or international calls. The call cost of 800 telephone numbers is always the same. You can cater to offshore customers in the same way you can with local clients without worrying about the bills.

By getting free 800 numbers, you will never have the same restrictions you experience with your traditional phone numbers. This great phone service lets you expand your target market and can accommodate customers even those based in other countries without worrying about expensive international call charges.

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