That’s right Nook-lovers and Kindle-clutchers, the e-books do come with more bells and whistles than their silly paper counterparts. Booktrack, a startup in New York City, is adding a score to your late-night reading session, and it’s an idea that could take the e-reader world by storm.

When e-readers were initially introduced the promise was that interactive, new ways of reading would be introduced as well. This has been the case in a select number of books but Booktrack is looking to bring its brilliant idea to e-books everywhere.

The young company is planning on releasing e-books with a soundtrack that plays while you read. The company’s first book with a soundtrack is “The Power of Six,” a young-adult novel, which will soon be followed by classics like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” “Jane Eyre,” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

The idea of enhanced e-books is certainly not new. Before now a few had tried sending along digital content like videos embedded in the text. Unfortunately these have not caught on very well and are often expensive to make in the first place. In the realm of sound it is not uncommon for an author to suggest music to read their books to; in fact it is often inspired by the writer’s own soundtrack.

Paul Cameron, Booktrack’s co-founder, believes that his company’s idea “makes a new and engaging way to read.” This could definitely catch on, especially with the younger set that clings to their favorite books and their technology – they always want more of both. Additionally, Booktrack is doing it better than previous soundtrack experiences by allowing the reader to pick the pace and pause the noise.

For very cinematic novels this could become a real experience. Of course the Booktrack editions, now in limited availability, will be a tad pricier than their hum drum silent counterparts. But is having your own score during the climax of a story exciting? It is a novel idea, indeed.