While $10 might sound like way too much for an app, for that price Duet can turn an iPad into a MacBook Display.  When you consider how much an secondary display costs, it is small price to pay for the added functionality of a second monitor for your laptop.

Air Display (and Air Display 2) have long been the leaders in iPad display technology for Macbooks.  However, while this technology works, it utilizes the sometimes unstable Wi-Fi networks for its communication.  This communication can be laggy with random stutters making it difficult to use in normal circumstances and almost impossible if you want to play video on your iPad screen.

The Duet app, on the other hand, utilizes the classic 30-pin cable to connect your iPad to your Macbook and transmit its data.  While not completely wireless, it does offer improved data speeds for a more seamless experience with less stutter and virtually no lag.  Videos will even play quite well over the connection giving you a more richer user experience when utilizing your iPad as a second screen.

Developed by former Apple engineers, Duet offers a new way of adding a second monitor to your Macbook.  The technology has benefited from the former Apple employees’ experiences, offering full Retina resolutions at 60 frames per second.  However, many users will be satisfied with the much more energy efficient 30 frames per second which still play videos fluidly.

While this setup is a nerd’s dream, it’s hard for most people to deny the enhancements to productivity a second screen can offer.  This setup makes it easy to take that productivity on the road with you wherever you need to go as well.  The Duet app seems like a no-brainer since it will handle even the heaviest of data streams and can greatly increase your ability to work from any location of your choosing.

[Photo: Wired]