The success of a software development enterprise depends on selecting the appropriate outsourcing partner. The right outsourced team can be an asset that provides businesses the competitive advantage necessary to enable them to stand out as industry differentiators. Outsourcing mobile app development or custom software development to the right partner can significantly reduce costs and also decrease the workload on your employees.

successful model to extend your team

Although there are many benefits, there are still some major errors that companies often make when outsourcing, which may lead to failures, additional costs, and loss of time. Therefore you must be aware of potential pitfalls and be prepared to avoid them.

So, here is a list of the top 5 mistakes you should avoid when hiring an offshore development team for your project.

1. Lack Of Research:

Enterprises make a common mistake in hiring an offshore development team without extensive research, basing their decision primarily on cost-efficiency or unreliable reviews. The cost factor is certainly important, but people don’t offer the quality and service which you are looking for at that price. And you will find yourself paying double at the tip of the contract. finding the proper talent may be a huge task in itself and if you are doing it, pay a small amount additional for an honest outcome and long-run satisfaction on your half.

You must have to take into account the provider’s portfolio and expertise, feedback, and reviews, how they operate in the marketplace, how well they understand your vision, how they introduce features and functionality, and so on.

Research relevant case studies and verified reviews from trusted sources. Review their past work to find out how well they have met clients’ expectations.

Outsourcing to outdated companies that do not keep pace with modern trends can cause major problems. If the web development company you choose can code better than anyone else, but they can only use the workflow and interface for their local area or specific domain, then this can cause disruptions and breakdowns in the user experience with your software.

So whenever you hire a remote developer team for your project you must choose a company that can meet all your expectations beyond technical capabilities, such as working ethic, legal compliance, broadband capacity, cultural environment, and more.

For the best outcome, regular checks are essential. If you can’t manage or check the project on a daily basis then you must require a project manager, they will opt for the best outsource partner who takes a consultative approach towards your project. Technical knowledge from your end is a must, as they will keep regular updates with the outsource company. And ultimately you will get the exact desired result at the end of the project

3. Ignoring Quality Testing Process:

Testing your ongoing project is essential to obtaining the assurance that your final project is strong and functions as it should. You cannot launch an app or software directly to the market without testing its performance and quality for users. Testing must be involved right from the start. Thus, creating a staff augmentation successful model to extend your team can avoid unnecessary errors and also save time.

Also, you can ask to create a blueprint or mock-up product so that you do not have to wait until the end to check the quality. This introductory view lets you understand how the app will look and how users interact with it.

QA should preferably be done by the same company that works with you on your development projects.

4. Not Establishing Clear Communication And Expectations:

Clear communication is the key to building a healthy relationship with your outsourcing partner. If you do not give them detailed instructions and requirements for the work, then your outsourcing partner can not provide quality work as you have expected. If communication is not initially transparent, there is a high probability of being disappointed at the end of the project. Therefore you must establish clear communications and expectations between your company and your outsourcing partner.

You must set a schedule of productivity and timelines, as well as the extent to which these timelines are accommodative. Look for a company that will provide you with a single point of contact to avoid any confusion. Ask your outsourcing partner how they will provide progress reports and how you can share feedback with them. Schedule payment plan and clear communication expectations.

5. No Proper Planning And Strategy:

Developers and team members should not ignore the intensive process of planning and strategy. This helps to define objectives, strategies, and actions. In addition, a structured strategy paves the way to achieve missions and eliminates the risk of failure.

Don’t forget to make an exit strategy. If the outsourcing company is unable to meet the expectations you envision or cannot deliver everything you agree upon, then you must have a clear and cordial exit strategy to close the deal. Make the project process streamlined and transparent.

It is also important to ensure complete transparency between you and the hiring team. Your partnership should be based on clear communication and authoritative collaboration. Invest time in learning about their planning, methodologies, and quality assurance approach. Besides, share your strategy with your development partners to get the best outcome.

Wrapped Up:

When you start outsourcing a mobile application development project, you must understand what your product requirements are. Once you are clear with the project requirements, you can clearly convey them to the outsourcing partner. It will be a long-term partnership so don’t rush and give it a lot of reflection and research.

With the right development partner, you reap the benefits of increased user-support, better revenue, and more popularity. So avoid these mistakes when outsourcing your project otherwise all your money, effort, and time are in vain.