The mobile revolution is extending the boundaries of traditional document imaging systems and opening the door to new types of applications.

Surveys show that 85% of U.S. adults today have a cell phone, and 55% of mobile phones are smart phones.  At the same time, the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile—with rising numbers of telecommuters and workers in the field who are selling, servicing, inspecting, delivering, and travelling.

These trends are driving organizations to enable mobile users to connect to corporate networks and applications. Document imaging vendors are jumping on the mobile bandwagon, adding new capabilities that enable mobile users to capture and access documents, and to participate in workflows.

Vendors that specialize in particular areas of document imaging are adding mobile capabilities to their product lines. Kofax, for example, which specializes in capture technology, has introduced a new mobile capture solution called Kofax Point of Origination. The app enables users to use the cameras in their mobile devices to capture images of documents and automatically extract data and transmit the data to business applications.

Because of their popularity, cameras that are built into smartphones are of high quality and continue to improve, and Kofax applies image correction technology to correct blurring and obtain a crisp image. In effect, Kofax’s solution enables a smartphone to serve as a highly portable scanning device, opening up a host of new document input possibilities for customers and workers in the field.

Kofax has introduced mobile applications for mortgage processing, insurance claims, transportation and logistics. The solutions give customers or workers a new way to capture and transmit forms, invoices, and other supporting documents for claims, loans, and deliveries. Other potential applications include customer onboarding, healthcare, customer service, and accounting.

Hyland also has added new mobile input and access capabilities to its OnBase document management solution via a new app called OnBase Mobile. The app lets mobile users access and search documents, submit e-forms, participate in workflows, and approve invoices and claims.

Also adding new mobile capabilities to its product is Nintex, which specializes in workflow for SharePoint document imaging solutions.

These are the first wave of mobile document imaging applications that are paving the way for what promises to be a rich array of mobile capabilities that will extend document imaging systems and permit new ways of working.