We all know that the technology landscape for marketing has grown at a rapid rate over the past few years. Just looking at the trade show floors of events like Dreamforce or Ad:Tech shows us the evolution of marketing to be technology driven. We have more technology decisions today than ever before, from bid management to social media monitoring. The result is that the number of decisions marketers need to make when it comes to adopting new technology can be dizzying.

ion’s CTO Scott Brinker first wrote about the onset of more marketing decisions being fueled by technology back in 2010. Back then he published a small graphic that provided a snapshot of some of the technology players within the space. Since 2010, Scott has published a few iterations of his landscape. Here’s his newest version, and you can check out the blog post here.

With so many choices, it can be easy for us to choose what we could call a generalist solution—or a solution that can do more than one thing. This narrows the number of technology choices that we need to make, which sounds good, in theory of course.

We often see this in the landing page space. Many systems integrate the ability to create a landing page, and even test a page, but few of these generalist approaches provide marketers with the flexibility and agility they need to create the high-performing landing experiences that are the fulcrum of great marketing. And great marketing often leads to great ROAS.

Tom Leung from Google said it best, “Landing pages are essential to your online marketing. Be serious about your landing pages.” Becoming more specialized in your approach to creating great experiences means getting serious about your landing pages. And it will give you great returns. When TechValidate did a survey of our customers, more than 60% of them reported a 3-5X improvement in their results when they moved into our platform (wow!)—that’s the difference that a specialized approach to your landing pages can make.

Getting serious about your landing pages means creating authoritative landing pages, experimenting with progressive conversions, growing engagement with compelling thank you pages, and creating dedicated mobile experiences for your mobile audiences. There are a bevy of strategies available today in our technology-driven marketing world that can help you create awesome landing experiences.