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You may not know it but your business has preserves and we’re not talking about jams and jellies either. We’re talking about all of those masses of paperwork that need to be “preserved” for the tax man, or the documents you have to keep for client projects. It could even be all the little notes you leave lying around your office. They clutter your world and your thinking, wreaking havoc with your business systems if you don’t get organized! Not a business owner? What about preserving Mom’s recipes and old family photos?

Admittedly, the focus of most information we share with our readers is about things like digital marketing, social media and website design because that’s what we do; but every now and again we find these little technology gems worth sharing. We can’t help it. We love shiny new toys that make lives easier!

The first one, the iConvert Scanner, works with an iPad. It’s the size of a rolling pin and lightweight so fits in a suitcase easily. You place your iPad into the docking station at the top and feed your documents into the scanner. It converts your paper into jpgs and ultimately pdf format saving it to your iPad. This makes things really easy when it comes to submitting expense reports. The other two are NeatDesk and NeatReceipts. These serve the same purpose as iConvert Scanner — digitizing paperwork and receipts. If you travel a lot, or have staff who do, they are a great organization tool. You could also use a scanner to share interesting articles you find offline; online to your social media. As a digital agency, we’re BIG on integrated solutions.

If you’ve found a digital solution worth mentioning, share it with us so we can “preserve” it for others to read about.