We all know how it works: smooth out your crumpled dollar bill, position it for the vending machine to suck up, and receive your beverage of choice. Pepsi, however, has created a machine of a different sort – one that doesn’t accept money in any condition.

Pepsi’s new “Like Machine” gives out beverages in exchange for Facebook endorsements. Smartphone users stand by the machine and “like” the Pepsi Facebook page, and then choose the soda flavor they wish to try. Those without a smartphone can take the same steps on the machine screen. Either way, the soda pops out of the vending machine after the “like,” quenching consumers thirst and leaving Pepsi with their information.

The first machine was unveiled at a Beyonce concert. They explain the benefits of this genius marketing strategy in the video below: “Thanks to this new way of sampling, we know exactly who liked, tried, and enjoyed an ice-cold Pepsi.”

Pepsi’s “Like Machine” is actually about much more than collecting “likes.” This Facebook metric is directly correlated to engagement – they typically increase in tandem. This not only improves their social network presence, but also drums up brand visibility and buzz across the digital sphere. This affects social signals for SEO and benefits future campaigns.

So here’s a digital HIGH 5, Pepsi! We admire your marketing creativity.

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