With technology developing at a rate of knots that nobody has a chance of keeping up with, more and more can be done than ever before. Metal fabrication is a complicated process at the best of times and one that has been based around traditional methods for decades, but with the advancements in technology that have come along in recent years, there are increasing numbers of possibilities as to what can be created.

In the past the steel industry has been one of those that has remained, well, like the material really, relatively rigid with solid creations aimed at doing heavy duty tasks and used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Nowadays, however, technology has allowed us to become far more elaborate with the designs, weight and rigidity of the steel we’re using, opening up a whole new world of products for the industrial, commercial and retail markets.

Take hinges as an example. These relatively unnoticed fittings are used on almost every piece of furniture you own, and while many people won’t consider the look of their hinges to be the most important factor in the design of their room, others are taking advantage of the new styles available to improve both the aesthetics and security of their doors and windows.

Metal fabricators are now able to create solid hinges that act as another barrier against intruders, without becoming overbearing and unsightly. Midlake products are designed from sheet metal and transformed into custom hinges and hinge products using a combination of experienced craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, showing the advantages of using the traditional and modern methods.

Iron and steel are always going to be in demand, whether it’s for customized door hinges such as those made by Midlake, or huge girders used in the building of skyscrapers. Around 10,000 tonnes of steel was used recently in the building of the London 2012 Olympic stadium for example. While that demand remains, and architects become more and more talented thanks to the computerized devices available to them, there are likely to be more and more elaborate creations springing up all over the world. Not only in the form of statues and monuments, but in the form of small extras too, like hinges and light switches.