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A software developer has warned iPhone users of a newly-discovered iOS bug that has a text link that can freeze and crash their gadget.

iPhone users, however, need not worry as an Apple spokesperson confirmed to Mashable that “a fix is coming in a software update next week.”

Bug Can Also Affect Mac Computers

Abraham Masri told BuzzFeed News that he found the bug, which he named “chaiOS,” while “fuzzing with the operating system,” meaning Masri was attempting to break the OS “by inputting random characters into its internal code.”

The bug can also affect Mac computers, Masri claimed.

BuzzFeed News said “chaiOS” doesn’t require any action from the iPhone user to damage the phone.

Bug’s Effects

Twitter user @aaronp613 tested “chaiOS” on an iPhone 5S, and an iPhone X and the bug not only made an iPhone unusable for a few minutes.

@aaronp613 said in a separate BuzzFeed News interview that after the link is sent, “the device will freeze for a few minutes. Then, most of the time, it resprings.”

Also, the iMessage app will stop loading messages and continuously crash, he added.

Mashable, however, reported that some iPhone users said that the text message did not affect their device.

@aaronp613 said “chaiOS” also affects iOS versions 10 to 11.2.5 beta 5 but it has not been tested on the latest iOS beta, 11.2.5 beta 6.

“chaiOS” is not the first bug of its kind to affect iMessage as BuzzFeed News recalled that in 2015, a string of Unicode characters crashed devices, and then in 2016, a nasty link caused Safari to restart.

What’s Next?

iPhone users have been warned about a new bug that can freeze and crash their device, but Apple said a fix would be released next week.

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