Apple sold 40 million iPhones were sold last quarter, which is 15% less than last year. Q3 2016 revenue was $42.4 billion, compared to $49.6 billion. These declining device revenues open up an increase in mobile app revenues and services. As part of promoting more app downloads, Apple has a new Reality Show coming out next year, 2017.

Planet of the Apps

The show will feature app creators who have a vision to “shape the future, solve real problems, and inspire change within our daily lives.” “We can really tell their stories as we explore how apps are developed and created and incubated,” Ben Silverman says. Look for the developer community to continue to invest in developing apps which leverage key Apple frameworks like Apple ResearchKit and CareKit.

Apple Reach – Customer base

There are over 1 billion active Apple devices in the market. Both users and developers benefit from having a structured marketplace. Now that Apple is investing in a new fun way to showcase diverse applications, the marketplace will only grow larger in terms of transactions, usage, and revenues.

Apple App Revenues

Key services like iTunes, Apple Pay, Apple Music, and iCloud storage revenues up 20%. Q3 saw a $6 billion in these service revenues, which was a 20% increase and outperformed the sales of either iPads or Macs.

The Application Developer Revenue Split

Apple takes $0.30 for every dollar of app sales and subscriptions from the developer/application/content owner whenever a user pays for a download or subscription service. For example when a user downloads a health tracking application for $3.99, the developer get $2.79 and Apple keeps $1.20. Soon Apple will lower the commissions it takes on apps that are sold on a subscription basis.

Apple Benefits Us

The market continues to benefit from the investment Apple is making to reduce the money it takes from content owners while it increases the promotion of applications to consumers in new and exciting venues.

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