Marketing business tech tends to get heavy both on the sides of engineering and corporate big talk. This doesn’t make it a good match for those who believe creative, quality content is the key to successful lead generation.

But again, this raises the popular dilemma: Why can’t tech ever substitute for human creativity? Are the two just so incompatible that you either have to wing it with one or the other?

According to Marketing Interactions, the new developments in tech still failed to achieve the goals of marketers and imply that an obsession with the latest innovation only serves to hamper, not help them closer to those goals.

This doesn’t completely answer the almost-cliched question: Why does tech fail so badly at replacing human creativity? It has the tools to research, measure, predict, and yet it lacks the capacity to create engaging content or conversations that result in quality B2B leads and sales.

You’d think with all the information it can get, it would come up with a solution right?

Well, that’s the heart of the problem. It can’t.

  • It can predict but not change – Suppose you’ll know when a particular keyword or topic will start rising in the ranks. Do you expect the same tools to create the blogs or newsletters themselves? More likely they’ll just link to someone else’ blog and give more points to them than you.
  • It can discover but not use – Your tools have discovered your customers prefer poll questions about your business compared to news updates. What do you do? Do you expect the same tools to generate the poll questions? Again, it can’t. It can only show you what people prefer. It doesn’t do the job of satisfying that demand as well as you.
  • It can connect but not communicate – Does a phone line do the talking when you make a call? Heck, does a robo-call get a better reception than a live agent? And even if that were the case, can robo-caller even generate itself? You have the means to reach out millions with a website but can a website truly generate itself?

No doubt this isn’t the first time you’ve seen proof technology’s failure to substitute something only a human person can provide. On the bright side, that’s why there’s hope for creativity even when tech-based lead generation. There are important gaps to fill and all your tech resources can’t fill it.