8 Tracks and Reel To Reels

tapes-398732_960_720Who remembers their first Sony Walkman or portable CD player? I don’t know about you, but I found it amazing that they could take a piece of stereo equipment that used to require an amplifier and speakers to work, and condense it down into a handheld device. Most of us take that for granted today, because in our pocket or purse we’ve got all of that and more. Now you can now watch live TV, listen to the radio, and carry an entire collection of music and movies on our mobile devices. However, this is not the end of the story, it is just the beginning!

New Cool Tools

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Video and audio are completely taking over the internet. I’m not talking about YouTube or podcasting; I’m talking about targeted platforms that are allowing people to communicate in ways never before possible. I’ve explored Blab and Periscope, meerkat, and other cool tools before, but these are just the tip of the iceberg and it’s a damn big iceberg.

Some of you may look at this as BSOS (bright shiny object syndrome), but most of it has some real traction and attraction when it comes to marketing your business online. Some tools like Blab and Periscope are gaining popularity, while others like meerkat are waning, but it behooves you and your business to explore all of the options.

Just because you can’t imagine yourself finding new customers or gaining new business from these platforms does not mean that other people are not winning that battle.

You have to realize that people are consuming the new content on many platforms, including computers, mobile devices and TVs. Cars enabled with wifi will soon become the norm, and Google and Apple will provide these cars with interfaces that allow new and exciting options for consuming these advanced types of audio and video media!

What Makes Them Cool

There are three major reasons why many of these things will have staying power. Let me give you little insight…

  1. Engagement – If you think people are enamored with pictures, moving pictures are even more engaging. When you scroll through your Facebook, timeline pictures may grab your eye, but video will grab your attention. That is why many people are using video in their ads. Facebook is also giving everybody with an IOS device the ability to post live-streaming video. Simply go to share and you’ll see the opportunity to stream live. Trust me, people are stopping to take notice.
  2. Repurposing – I do a blab show every Monday morning called www.BlabWithBacon.com. It’s a 30-60 minute interview show with interesting guests. But the coolest thing, in my opinion, happens when the show is over … within minutes, Blab emails me a link to download the audio and video from the blab. Blab is free beta software and does not come without glitches. However, I can easily put the files into my software, edit them, and then upload the edited video file to YouTube. So, not only do I have the initial audience who watched live, but can extend it to YouTube and integrate it into my website. It literally takes minutes, and if I wanted to, I could create a podcast from the same content audio!
  3. Integration – The other thing that makes a lot of this audio and video content so cool is the way it integrates into already existing, social media platforms. Blab and Periscope both connect with Twitter, making it easy to share with a larger audience. Facebook Live integrates directly with your personal profile, giving you a larger audience who may also scan your profile. All of the social media platforms are built on advertising, and videos are the way that they’re going to be able to create more connections and keep people engaged longer. So, why not ride the tide and jump on board to try it?

Final Thoughts

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There are more cool tools that are already well established, like Snapchat, that I haven’t even begun to explore yet. Then there are others that I’ve just begun to explore like Anchor. Anchor is new audio platform that I’ve been playing with. You basically record an audio message, thought or opinion, and other people tag onto it with their own audio file. The biggest engagement I’ve seen so far was from Joel Comm, best-selling author, speaker and a friend of mine. Joel simply asked people to tell him a joke and started with his own joke. I can imagine that you are probably asking yourself, what the heck does this have to do with business?

The main point of all of this content generation is to create relationships and get people to interact with you. It’s not about ego or selling, it’s about relationships. So jump on board and give it a try.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments or any other new cool tools that you have discovered … share away!