Mobile PasswordIn business technology today, one thing is clear: everything’s going mobile. Smartphones and tablets are standard issue now. More users are logging into business-related applications on their mobile devices, allowing them to increase productivity and respond as needed while traveling, on the go, or during off-hours. Most employers encourage their workers to use their personal mobile devices for work purposes, as it allows them to respond to work requests more quickly, get more work done, and remain in the loop even when not in the office.

Still, some employers remain uneasy about the security risks involved. The thought of sensitive company data being accessed on the same device that an employee is using to text friends and tweet on may be enough to create a bit of panic in any cautious business owner’s mind. After all, it’s hard enough to manage password security within the office.

Fortunately, the password security options available to businesses today can virtually eliminate the risk of an outside security attack or breach—and the smartest ones extend to employees’ mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly Password Solutions

Password management software and systems allow administrators to easily see which users have which permissions, automate password resets and expirations, and remove terminated employees from all systems. For an added layer of protection, businesses can use multi-factor authentication (MFA), which requires users to present another form of validation (for example, a one-time access code generated by a mobile app on their phone) in order to gain access to the system.

Perhaps the “cleanest” and most effective choice for cross-device login security is single sign-on (SSO) with mobile capabilities. With an SSO system, the user authenticates (usually using MFA, adding an extra layer of protection) and is taken to the secure SSO portal, where they can be automatically logged into their needed applications without needing to again enter their credentials.

Advanced SSO systems today offer a seamless cross-device user experience, without compromising security—but choosing the right SSO option for your business is key. When researching mobile SSO software, it’s important to select a program that has an easy-to-use portal and mobile-friendly design. Users shouldn’t have to download “heavy” additional software on their devices or re-enter login info just because they are on their smartphone.

The mobile capability of your single sign-on password security software is just one of the questions you should be asking potential single sign-on vendors. Learn 10 more in our free guide, “10 Questions you Should Ask your Single Sign-On Vendor.”