Running a business feels like you are in a race. You are always in competition to reach the top. An indication of a stiff competition is when most of your rivals have sent a similar proposal to your client.  But delivering your proposal in the most efficient means spells the difference. Snail mails have become outdated. Thanks to the fax machine.

The importance of a fax machine in an office is seen in every aspect of business communications. It is one of the fastest ways of sending documents to other companies. However, when you are sending an urgent document to a client, a fax machine may not be enough.  Since you are allowed to send a page at a time, the document may not be received on time. Worse is that the document turns up hardly readable. Good thing that today you can a fax through the internet. The Internet fax or the e-faxing technology works just like your fax machine but with all the conveniences of the Internet.

Send an Internet Fax in Different Formats

A company usually sends an invitation to an event via fax machine. But in this changing times, image is important. That is why sending an invitation in black and white is truly unattractive. Impress your clients and fax with color and with style. Once you send a web fax, it will be received via the e-mail address of a person. You can send the Internet fax in various formats, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and PNG. These formats allow the use of colors, which makes your invitation extra special.

Faster Transactions

When you fax, the message goes through the Internet. This makes the fax easier to be received. The busy tone is also minimized when you send a web fax. Unlike in a traditional fax machine, you will not be able to send a document if the line is busy. With Internet fax, the message is redirected to the e-mail address right away. With this setup, the message can be read regardless of the location of the recipient.

Multitask with E-faxing

Traditional fax machines do not allow you to become fully productive at work. For instance, when you send a 10-page proposal, you have to wait until all the pages are sent. You cannot leave the fax machine. But when you send, you can do all your remaining tasks. You can just click the send to many option in the program interface. This option allows you to send to multiple recipients at the same time. With Internet fax, everything can be reached with just a click of a button.

Technology has changed the way business communication goes. Sending an Internet fax is reliable. You can make sure that each document is well-received. This makes the entire task easier and lighter. Companies also can incur a lot of savings because they do not need to buy several fax machines installed in each cubicle. The company also saves the burden of buying toner, ink, and tons of papers. If you fax through the internet, you surely help the environment. Do not just settle for old and boring facsimiles, wherein you can enjoy colorful and edgy documents with an Internet fax.