Are you looking to create a calming ambience in your home or office? LoungeV Creative Studio offers HD video downloads in an array of settings, including beaches, waterfalls, forests, lakes, mountains, underwater life, and other landscapes that will immediately transport you to a relaxing atmosphere.

In the past, people relied on a fish tank filled with exotic species for a relaxing ambience,” said founder Dmitry Sergeev. “Or maybe they placed an indoor waterfall on a table. Or played a soft jazz CD and lit a few candles. With the videos on our site, you feel as if you’re on a mini-vacation. You can’t help but be transported to a tropical island, a mountain retreat or other exotic locale.”

Using the most advanced digital capture techniques and equipment, each of the HD films is produced in 1080i full HD format with 5.1 Dolby surround sound. Additionally, the films are more like still photography brought to life in that the camera never moves, so no zooms will break the relaxing effect.

Shorter clips of 35-40 minutes and longer versions are available for free download. These clips would work well to reduce anxiety in medical offices, to create serenity in business offices, to demo televisions and home theaters in electronics stores, or simply to create a calming atmosphere in your home.

If you are interested in obtaining the videos on DVD or Blu-ray, the site offers instructions for burning the films to your preferred medium. In the future, three-hour films will be available for sale on Blu-ray.

Additionally, mobile clips are available to enjoy on-the-go.

Whatever your needs may be when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere, LoungeV has a video to suit them.