A CNC metalworking machine can transform a hunk of steel into something cool, such as an engine block. These machines are often large and require an operator to enter codes into them that tell the machine how to operate. With skill, a CNC operator can create new parts in the average working day.

CNC machinists are highly skilled people whom have obtained some sort of technical degree. Often, they are professional mechanical engineers. With time and practice, machinists are able to learn the proper ways of operating CNC machines.

What exactly is a CNC Machine?

CNC machines are often large pieces of equipment that are very expensive. There are also hobby CNC machines available for ordinary people whom are interested in woodworking or other crafts to make it more accessible. CNC machinery allows you to design anything you want and to have it turned into a physical product.

How do they work?

CNC machines are usually lathes, mills, grinders, or jigsaws that help to shape wood or metal according to designs from a computer. CNC machines are able to take code from a user that tells the device what to do. A CNC machine can be as complex as a laser-cutting or water jet machine. Most CNC machines are for extractive processes, but there are also CNC 3D printers being developed. Without a CNC machine, much care and attention to detail is required when making parts on a lathe or some sort of device – the job is made a lot easier with a cnc lathe! CNC is designed to be precise, making it especially important for engineering purposes where precision is important.

History of CNC Machines

During the 1800s, the original CNC machines were lathes that worked similarly to music boxes. They were used to make parts for firearms, and designed to make identical copies of the part. The early machines were what led to the idea that a machine can be used to make parts. These machines transitioned to punchcards , making the machines more easily programmable. Eventually with the computer age, CNC machines became integrated with computer technology that allowed for the faster expansion of CNC into the real world.

What is CNC G-code?

CNC G-code is a machine language that is designed to be readable by computers. CNC g-code relies on a 3d coordinate system that is designed to simulate objects in real life. G-code is a simple set of computer commands that can be developed based on CAD drawings. G-code is similar across machines, but there are slight variations in the way in which it is written. With G-code, you can get started with CNC immediately.

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