Citation building and monitoring can be exhausting. But the plea has been heard and now you have access to some awesome tools in order to make all that citation work a whole lot easier. So here’s a few of the tools that experts use to make their jobs a little easier.


The has a tool called LocalSpark allows you to track keywords and look up your business information. Your search results show you which sites your information is on, how many times you show up on that site and what type of site it is.

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Pricing: Shows partial information and allows a 3 searches/day on the free trial. Upgrading cost starts at $16.67/month with various packages depending on what you need.

Moz Local

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This tool looks at your presence on multiple directories. It also alerts you about duplicate listings.


Running a search for your business is free, but to use their other features, pricing is $49/month.


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LocalSiteSubmit looks through your presence on around 50 major directories (for free – more if you subscribe) and lets you know whether your NAP information is correct and where you’re not listed. The tool specializes in citation building.

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Their services start at $199 for 70 site submissions, but you can also customize a package if you wish.


A local SEO tool which has a centralized dashboard for citations across over 100 directories. It also shows you how you’re listed on these sites so you can see any incorrect information (NAP, business description, logo etc.). You can also put in orders to get listings corrected or created.

They also let you track keywords and see all your rankings and your reviews around the web in one interactive dashboard.


All tools are usable for free, but with extra benefits of monthly subscriptions starting at only $2/month with no annual contract.


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BrightLocal currently has 7 SEO Tools, including 2 just for citations and one just for Google+. You can both track and edit citations using their tools. Additionally, BrightLocal has review and SEO tools which you could also look at.

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Packages for various SEO and citation tools start at $19.99/month.


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Yext is a citation finder tool which also allows you to put in orders to get citations fixed or created. Scanning your business online is free and doesn’t even need a log-in. They also have a series of simple graphs for analytics (paid).


Searching for your site’s info is free. Depending on how many listings you want fixed, pricing starts from $17.99/month with an annual billing.

Places Scout

Among a few other tools, Places Scout has a citations finder with the additional feature of comparing your citations with those of your competitors. They also have a other tools, such as Reputation Management and Keyword Rankings tracker, all with lots of information to see.


They have a standard 3 month subscription for $197.


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RioSEO has services for Local SEO, listings, rankings etc. They even have a Mobile site landing page optimization service. They search for citation and offer listing creation/editing and their packages are tailored per customer.


You would need to contact RioSEO in order to get pricing break up.


This tool allows you to see your rankings and citations based on location. It supports cities all around the world and allows you to sort them by city or country. However, in the free version, it’s more keyword-based than business listing.


Free account offers “1000 Credits”; paid subscriptions start at $99/month without a contract.

Universal Business Listings

You can use their quick, precheck report to see your listings on major sites, but the tool boasts a very large amount of directories and websites where they can make citations. Once you subscribe, you can get reports and analysis as to how your citations helped you.


Packages start from $79/year.