For businesses today, a hosted website to showcase the company is more important than ever. With reliable technology to support a site specific to the business, owners can ensure they are only promoting their mission, not someone else’s, which is often the case with free website templates. So when choosing a Web host, don’t settle for anything less than what you need at a price point you can afford. By shopping around to find a host that fits all of the necessary criteria for your desired online strategy, you will be able to ensure that your new site will contribute to the growing success of your business.

But what should you look for?

Area of Focus

Some Web hosts offer website builder packages specific to individual business fields. Certain templates are suggested to fit the criteria of the subject with themes, applications, graphics, navigation and images. Looking for these industry-specific packages can help cut costs while saving you time in website creation.

Technical Support

A Web host should offer 24/7 customer support to help their customers whenever needed. Customers are able to get answers when they encounter issues or if a simple question arises about their hosted solutions. Constant accessibility to a support team is essential when businesses rely on their Web host to provide dependable service.


The amount of space that you require for your website will depend on how much you expect your website to grow and what its primary use will be. For example, a website that will incorporate music and videos will need more space than one that only includes text and a few images. If you are unsure about how much storage is needed, look for an option that provides flexibility to increase or decrease Web space as your company evolves overtime.


One of the most important elements to look for is the cost associated with bandwidth, or speed at which data is transferred from one location to the other. Ask the provider if they limit the amount of bandwidth allocated to a package. What costs, if any, can occur if that limit is exceeded? Sometimes, providers may cap how much you are allotted in order to make a greater profit at your expense.


An email account that is specific to your company will open a direct avenue of communication and help build business relationships. It’s a good idea to consider a Web host that offers email solutions alongside their website packages. Not only will an email address specific to your company be better received than one from a common email provider like Gmail, but looking for packages that include an email account can be cost-effective. Also, consider solutions that can enhance your business and internal communication. Do they offer newsletter functionality? This strategy associated with a branded email can strengthen your relationships and help drive sales.


Website statistics provide great insights into the success of your online business. With statistic tools, you can learn how many visitors arrive at your website, which pages are most popular, where visitors are coming from, and if your website is experiencing errors. These facts will help you to optimize each section and feature of the site to ensure maximum impact. By learning if the site has errors, you can work to resolve those issues and prevent them from occurring more frequently, thus keeping your potential customers satisfied.

Free Trials

One of the great benefits of paid Web hosts is that they can offer free trials or special discounts for the first few months so users can test the product before fully committing. If, within that time period, you feel that the Web host is not a good match for you and your business, you can cancel your order and move on to the next host until you find the right one. Having the ability to try a solution first will give you the confidence in knowing the investment is exactly what your business needs.


Price is an important factor when discussing IT for your business. Especially for start-up s and entrepreneurs, there is often a limited budget allocated to creating a strong online presence. When choosing a Web host, be careful that you don’t convince yourself that the most expensive provider will give you the most features at the best price. This is not necessarily the case. Make a list of every feature that you want your online presence to include including website functionality, online marketing capabilities and social media integration. Use it to compare similar Web products, and then pick the one that provides you with what you need without breaking the budget.

Committing to a solution before making the proper evaluation can do more harm than good. It is not a matter of “one size fits all” so take time to ensure your Web hosting partner can fit your individual needs today and in the future.