This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has been dubbed the “Year of the Little Guy”. Without some of the heavy hitters present (e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon), there was a bit more room for smaller companies to showcase their upcoming products. As a result, tweets about electronic products from “the little guys” were easier to sift through, and we’ve put together this recap to highlight some of the trends we found in CES tweets this year. We’ve broken down our recap into a few sections:

  • The Top Tweeted Campaigns and Gadgets at CES
  • CES Experts This Year
  • CES Past & Present

The Top Tweeted Campaigns and Gadgets at CES

With our Pro Analytics tool, we were able to quantify which gadgets and brands were the most-talked-about on Twitter each day of the show. We were also able to look a bit further into the top tweets to find out whether the spikes in chatter for a company were due to a particular product or to a tweet campaign set up by the company itself. Below you’ll find an activity chart for tweets mentioning the show, with each day’s hot topics and tweet campaigns highlighted underneath the graph:

This year saw some effective tweet campaigns from “the little guys”, increasing their share-of-voice in the electronics space. It also seems to have been a year full of new OLED screens and devices, with nearly each day featuring some application of OLED technology:

  • A.) Day One:
    • Top-tweeted campaigns:
      • Canon USA imaging – Retweet campaign for those excited to see what Canon will unveil at CES
      • Pandora radio – RT campaign with change to win a Tivo Premiere 4 & Stream
      • Ferrari by Logic3 – RT campaign with chance to win Ferrari by Logic3 headphones
    • Top-tweeted gadgets:
  • B.) Day Two:
  • C.)Day Three:
    • Top-tweeted campaigns:
      • Amzer shellcases for iPhone – RT campaign with chance to win Amzer goody bag
      • Philips SHoqBOX – RT campaign with chance to win a Philips SHoqBOX
      • Nokia US – RT campaign with chance to win Nokia PowerUps
      • Pandora – RT campaign with chance to win a NOOK HD or NOOK HD+
    • Top-tweeted gadgets:
  • D.)Day Four:
    • Top-tweeted campaigns:
      • iRobot (Looj) – RT and follow campaign with chance to win a Looj
      • HzOinside – Sprint endorsement
      • Belkin International (Thunderstorm) – campaign to RT and guess “where PIP is” with chance to win a Thunderstorm
    • Top-tweeted companies due to gadgets:

CES Experts

Topsy Pro also enables us to find the influential Twitter users who frequently tweet about specific topics, and we call these users Experts. Our influence ranking measures the degree to which an individual’s posts are likely to get attention from others. In the case of the 2013 CES, we found the top 10 CES Experts on Twitter, presented below. These users frequently posted about CES, and when they did, other Twitter users paid attention to them:

CES Past & Present

In 2012, Microsoft was present, making it less of a “year of the little guy”. All-things-mobile were the talk of the show: Windows mobile devices, new 4G LTE Droids, and the Galaxy Nexus/Note dominated the Twittersphere. Peak tweets per day about the show reached a maximum of 257,286.

While mobile might have stolen the show in 2012, it was almost a given in 2013. This year seemed to be more focused on enhancement of our already mobile devices — iPad apps for parking cars, new flexible/durable glass for our smartphones and tablets, etc. Specifically, OLED technology seems to have taken the gold with the public, as each day featured new top tweets about OLED devices (most of which were Smart TVs). Peak tweets per day reached a maximum of 338,445, which is considerably higher than 2012; however, we must also take into account the growing Twitter user base in any true comparison of tweet volume between the years.

Monitoring the tweets from CES 2013 is only one of many Topsy Pro use cases. With the ability to not only measure how often companies and gadgets are mentioned but to also dig down into the chatter to see what caused spikes in volume is a feature unique to Topsy Pro. The examples presented here apply to anyone interested in competitive analysis or gaining insight into how companies can maximize their Twitter presence. Click here to learn more about a free trial!