Case Study: Glooko Logbook Live Action Product Video

Every week on Magnet Stories, we try to bring you roundups of the top stories from the digital world, Tip Sheets for your business, our original Magnet Minute video series, and lists of the hottest events in the video, tech, and social media communities. But we haven’t had a chance in awhile to show off some of the cool stuff that we are doing right here in the Magnet office.

One project that we were really excited about was a video for Glooko, a Silicon Valley startup that designed smartphone technology to assist people with diabetes. To introduce its innovative Logbook—which allows users to sync their glucose meters with their iPhone to log readings, meals, activities, and easily share the information with their doctor—Glooko wanted a video the company could feature on its website and share via social media.

One of the best features of Logbook is how easily it fits in to users’ everyday lives, and Magnet used this as an opportunity to create a different kind of product video using live action to tell a narrative story. The focus was to show, rather than tell, how a person can easily integrate all of the features and functions of the Logbook into a character’s active, busy lifestyle. The resulting product video was much more entertaining than a traditional “how-to” video that simply explains the product’s technical features and medical benefits.

Glooko wrote an email to Magnet to express that everyone on the team absolutely loved the video and the compelling story it presented. The video still resides on the company’s homepage, as well as on Glooko’s YouTube channel.

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