Finding your path to the PSN walled garden.

Open Source Software has provided years of rock solid support in the private sector, with big names such as Google, and Amazon running vast data centres that power the internet and provide a rich online experience for us all.

The UK Government’s Cabinet Office has recently embraced Open Standards and has taken steps to impose compulsory Open Standards in the public sector. One way that this is being managed is via their Public Services Network (PSN), which provides public sector organisations with a host of approved providers. These providers have passed a compliance regime, which means that they are approved to offer their services on PSN.

Calling the public sector what’s your PSN path

So what is the PSN Compliance Regime?

To protect the users of, and the PSN itself, there is a thorough compliance regime, with the end product being one of three codes:

Code of Connection (CoCo)
This allows customers to connect and consume PSN services.

Code of Practice (CoP)
Any supplier who wants to provide PSN services must sign this for individual or groups of services.

Code of Interconnection (CoICo)
Any supplier who wants to connect to the Government Communications Network (GCN) and be a Direct Network Service Provider (DNSP) must sign the CoICo.

PSN provides a central hub from which public sector organisations can seek their services.

What is a PSN service?

A PSN service is a product or service that is compliant with the guidelines of the PSN codes.

The ultimate aim of the call to join the PSN family is to create a set of shareable, interoperable services that run over PSN, reducing duplication and waste across the public sector.

Until that is achieved, customers will be buying a mix of services. Some of these will be PSN Services which are compliant with the guidelines of the above codes; others are not, and are simply services available to PSN customers. Find out more here.

How can my organisation ensure we are ready for the PSN?

Kill two birds with one stone by undergoing an Open Architectures Readiness Assessment. It is specifically designed in consultation with the Cabinet Office to help public sector organisations identify how to benefit from more open systems and do so with the  PSN Government Procurement System.

Open Architectures cut costs, improve collaboration and flexibility and the PSN network is there to enable your organisation to work smarter, reuse resources across the network, and provide a trusted path to the right services from approved providers.

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