The new Call of Duty multiplayer trailer has been revealed and the game will be released on November 5th. The latest installment in the series CoD: Ghosts, will not only feature the usual additions to weapons, maps and game modes, but will also allow players to customize their characters.

The main feature you can take away from the multiplayer trailer is the customization. Players can now create and personalize up to 10 soldiers, which they can customize with load-outs, gear, clothing and of course weapons. Activision stated the new customization allows players to come up with over 20,000 combinations and includes the newly added female character models.

Although Activision has surrounded their new engine with a lot of hype, IGN’s insider review states, “nothing about it [the game’s graphics] looks spectacular”. The game is definitely a step up from previous Call of Duty installments, but still lacks certain key elements players expect in a next-gen game. However, what the game seems to lack in visual effects, it more than makes up in audio. The audio work in Ghosts is considered exceptional and with dynamic map changes the game provides a sense of realism to players.

Call of Duty games are notorious for being fast-paced, but Ghosts allows players more abilities to move around the maps. The game is featuring new concepts such as the knee slide and leaning around corners. Although leaning around corners may not be the best tactic in Call of Duty games, it does add a new dimension to gameplay. Knee slides on the other hand fit right in with Call of Duty’s fast-paced gameplay. Crouching while sprinting will send players sliding low to the ground, which works as a useful, evasive move and could help players escape gunfire or avoid snipers. Vaulting over cover is an additional feature that allows a player to keep their momentum as they hop over a wall or object, but the motion is not necessarily very fluid.

The game also features new load-out options including 30 new weapons and a new weapon class, the marksman rifle. The marksman rifle can operate as a scoped sniper rifle or a single-shot assault weapon. This new class provides players the ability to shoot from afar or use the range and power of a sniper up close. However, if players do decide to use a scope, dual render technology now allows snipers to use their peripheral vision around the eyepiece when zooming into a scope. The game also features new game modes; kill streaks and a different currency system.

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The most significant news accompanying the release of the game may also attract music lovers. The multiplayer trailer features Eminem’s new song “Survival” and also serves as an introduction to fans of his new album. The rapper has yet to provide details on his album, but Interscope records confirmed the song would be on Em’s upcoming album.