It is the worst feeling in the world. Another day at the office, working towards a deadline, meticulously pooling information from various resources and documents stored in your hard drive, but then… critical error, the server is down and suddenly your work day is at a halt.

Managing a successful business is like keeping a dozen plates spinning in the air. Generally speaking, IT support comes second after a very long list – staff and account management, securing sales from clients both old and new, meetings with clients, providing training, future planning and contingency… There are so many roles and responsibilities invested within the day to day upkeep of a successful business, whilst all the while ensuring that your clients and customers remain happy and satisfied. With computing and the internet at the heart of most business operations, it pays to be adequately covered in terms of IT support. Keeping things running smoothly whilst you and your staff can remain focused on the day at hand. The most effective way of maintaining coverage is through outsourcing your support.

The Akita IT team and I have outlined the following benefits of outsourcing your IT support.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Setting up an in house IT department is a massive undertaking that requires extensive time and resources to do effectively. Once you have gathered all the required hardware and software, and ensured you have the latest updates as well as the right number of qualified members and the space on your premises necessary for housing it all. Outsourcing effectively allows you to sidestep the high entry level criteria of having a fully functional IT department.

Fixed IT costs and reduced labour costs

Once you have set up your own IT department you will have to put further resources and energy into keeping it maintained and staffed by capable technicians. Alternatively, by outsourcing, you need only pay a fixed monthly cost to gain experienced and knowledgeable IT assistance. You will only need their assistance should the worst happen, which won’t be everyday.

Access to Latest Technology and Applications  

Computing is forever changing, with both hardware and software in a constant state of update. Knowledge of what these updates will do and how they will affect previous operations is critical, the kind of specialised knowledge that only a professional can provide. Cloud storage, for example, is a relatively new but increasingly important feature to IT infrastructures around the world, thanks to its automated backup, ubiquitous access and cheap running costs.

Access to Trained Staff

Job hunting for qualified IT staff is its own niche sector of recruitment. Why spend valuable time and resources searching for the correct member of staff when you could have access to a qualified network of professional individuals through the telephone?

Impartial and honest IT Advice

By outsourcing your IT support you avoid any office politics that may arise if a malfunction occurs. Managers will be looking for an explanation, and administrators will be looking to avoid blame. An outsourced IT administrator, will be able to provide you with detailed insight into the nature of your problem and how it needs to be resolved.

Increase Business Efficiency

Outsourcing your IT support and maintenance, simply means that you are free to focus on your daily business operations, forgoing the stress and anxiety associated with the concerns of ‘will my.

Increased Staff Performance and System Uptime

Essentially all of these benefits play into the ultimate payoff of ensuring that your system never breaks down and your staff remain productive and efficient.