In the past, I have attempted to utilize auto-response email management systems as a way to keep in touch with all my contacts – friends, family, clients, business partners, school mates, etc. – without spending a lot of time fumbling with email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird, only to run into server issues where you can only send “X” number of messages in any given “Y” amount of time, or you can only “Z” number of messages at once. This meant having to split up the list into little pieces, and then send out each piece, one at a time, and making sure you waited 15, 30, or even 90 minutes between each one.


Unfortunately, most auto-response systems are either expensive, severely limited in the number of people you can put on a list, or have such limited functionality that they aren’t worth using.


I’m talking about a new autoresponder service from Gary Ambrose called Listwire.

Why Listwire? Why not others?

Since I’m going to review about their service, here’s what I think about Listwire:

1. Free service – This is the best part for all email marketers. Unlike Aweber who charges $19/month, Listwire is free of charge. There’s no monthly or yearly subscription here, all of these features are totally free of charge.

2. Unlimited subscribers – Once again, Listwire has the advantage over Aweber and the others. Aweber charges more on a monthly basis if you want to increase the number of subscribers, but on Listwire there’s no need. Not only they are a free autoresponder service, but they also have unlimited subscribers.

3. User Interface – As I evaluated their whole user interface, I think it needs more improvement compared to Aweber. When we create our web forms, it only has limited customization. Aweber has multiple templates for web forms and the option to remove ‘Powered by Aweber” at the web form. ListWire does not have this capaility.

4. E-mail Campaigns – So far, so good! There’s no problem about sending campaigns to my subscribers. When I try schedule my follow-ups and broadcasts emails, it seems that it was successfully sent to my subscribers.

5. Plugin integration – This is another good thing for Listwire. If we install autoresponder plugins like PopUp Domination, we can integrate our Listwire web forms with them. All we have to do is copy paste the web form URL, and paste it to the area where we can integrate it with PopUp Domination.

Overall, I can see that Listwire will be the ultimate weapon for email marketers who can’t afford to pay for higher limited ones like Aweber, GetResponse, ImnicaMail, etc. Best of all, it’s totally free and you’re allowed to have unlimited subscriber per list you have in the account.