Amazon recently released Fire TV, a streaming device that will allow consumers to watch Hulu, Netflix and Amazon content on their televisions – much like Apple TV and Roku.

Unfortunately, as The Huffington Post reported, the e-commerce giant doesn’t own the domain name A porn site does.

“Apparently, the illicit site is also interested in letting you stream content to your television, although it’s hardly of the ‘fun-for-the-whole-family’ variety promised by Amazon in its launch today,” the HuffPo blogger wrote.

It’s hard to imagine that Amazon, e-commerce behemoth that it is, simply forgot to consider the availability and current use of relevant domain names when developing its latest and greatest product. It’s much easier to imagine that the owner of the domain name in question just didn’t want to sell. Another obvious option for Amazon would have been to register fire within .TV, the ccTLD for the Tuvalu Islands. However, like, is already registered and the registrant is protected using WhoisPrivacy services.

At this time, neither domain receives measurable traffic via Compete, but depending on the popularity of and interest in Amazon’s new product, the lucky owners of these sites are likely to see at least some increase in traffic, if only from accidental visitors.

Of course, it is possible that Amazon is not interested in obtaining domain names for all of its new products at the moment because it plans on registering the domain names of all products and campaigns within one or more of the 76 new generic top-level domain names’s for which it applied. In the meantime, some users will assume that content about Fire TV is available via the intuitive domain name and get content they never bargained for.

Picture from product page on

Picture from product page on