Client Service and DataToday, there is a revolution where more and more people are becoming data experts and are looking for data for many reasons: information gathering, resolve an issue, answer a question, validate a theory, learn from someone’s experience and other needs.

I went through this process last night with my Cable TV/Internet Company


I want to get rid of my phone line and reduce my bill. I want to see if I can actually perform this action myself online. I would like to know about any specials that may be going on at this time. I would also like to find a direct number to an account representative to see if I can contact them.


  • I started this process after 8.00pm central time. I noticed that client service ends at 8.00pm on weekdays. I guess I will not be able to contact anyone. (Feeling frustrated)
  • I found my account and current package. I can only upgrade my package. I cannot take phone out. (Again frustration)
  • Will have to start the process again the next day. (Wasted time)

Now, as I look at this process and apply it to my own company. (How can I make sure people are not frustrated when they come to our website?)

Some simple things I am working on and have received comments about:

  • Is our address and phone number listed prominently on our site?
  • Can people find the names of people at our company in a reasonably easy manner? (Need to work at this)
  • Do people know how to get a hold of us during business hours and after hours? ( I have worked at this a lot and have seen results). This can be very powerful for you and your clients and it serves notice that you are thinking about them.
  • Need to put some information into clear, concise, simpler format. (In process) I am going to list our prices in a more concise manner in the next few weeks
  • Give people options to get a hold of you – Forms, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers
  • Update information on home page at least once a month – – This is also huge. It keeps people coming back
  • Continue to make content simple and easy to access, especially for mobile users

When working with clients work on providing the following information

  • Give client your direct phone number or email for future questions
  • Provide people with specific information from your site. (Provide url link to specific page, not just a company website url) (That’s laziness)
  • If you do not know the answer, tell them you will get back to them specifically in a given time frame.
  • Make notes of client remarks regarding your website with respect to data that is missing, confusion on your site, access to information on your site
  • Ask people for their opinion about their experience on your site.
  • Make sure if people submit questions online or via email that responses are sent back within an hour. If this is delayed by a day, they may have gone to a competitors site
  • Make sure your clients service staff is familiar with your website and knows where to go for getting information.


Companies need to recognize how important it is to continue to update website information on a regular basis and make it as simple and easy to access as possible. Companies that can incorporate website data and servicing clients are going to always be a step ahead of their competition.

Picture Source: Pixabay