Bitcoin Startups

Are you considering integrating bitcoin into your business practices but don’t quite know where to start? Intrigued by the potential of crypto-currencies and wondering whether there is a marketing opportunity waiting to be seized? Thanks to the growing number of bitcoin startups, there are now more tools than ever for business owners contemplating a crypto-currency integration. Check out the following selection of bitcoin startups to see which ones would be applicable for your business.

Bitcoin Startup lets businesses accept bitcoin payments for products and services. Sell goods in your currency of choice and let your customers pay in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Startup

If you’ve ever considered trading bitcoin derivatives, might be an intriguing option to investigate. Offering multiple trading ratios, you can trade your acquired bitcoins according to your risk management style.


QuickCoin offers a handy way to send bitcoin via Facebook. Currently working on a new release and building out their team, QuickCoin could very well be the viral social marketing tool your business needs.

Bitcoin Startup

Identity Mind Global

If you’re uncertain about integrating bitcoin into your business practices, Identity Mind Global might be just what you need. Offering everything from e-commerce solutions to risk management and anti-fraud tools, Identity Mind Global is definitely worth a deep dive as a potential bitcoin solution for business owners.

Bitcoin Startup


If you’re looking for an enterprise-scale bitcoin solution, you’ll definitely want to keep Bitnet on your radar. Currently working in verticals like finance and air travel, Bitnet offers solutions for large organizations that are tired of paying cross-border fees and want a guaranteed, global payment solution.

Whether you’re looking for bitcoin resources to help you better understand crypto-currencies, are interested in bitcoin employment opportunities, or need to access tools that can help you discover whether bitcoin is a viable option for your business, investigating the ever-increasing number of bitcoin startups is a great option to consider. From brick-and-mortar businesses to e-commerce online-only stores and services, integrating bitcoin into your payment processing options just might be a savvy marketing step that sets you apart from your competition. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you at least investigated your bitcoin options?