Besides surfing the internet, the wide majority of users use their computers to watch their favourite series, movies or videos. This type of people are interested in one thing and one thing only – how to get the maximum multimedia experience from their desktop PC, possibly without spending a dime! Is that even possible? It sure is – there are numerous video players that can help turn your home into state-of-the-art cinema for free. Here is my list with the top video player software solutions of 2015:

GOM Media Player

This is my all-time personal favourite and I run it on all my Windows computers. Its minimalistic interface is really easy for learning, especially by new users and also its packed with so many features that to be honest I feel like I’ve used just no more than 5% so far.

With rich support for pretty much all known video file formats, rich playback features, very fast codec search function and ability to completely customize the player according to your own preferences, the GOM Media Player is without doubt the most advanced, yet really easy to use video player out there and definitely deserves the top of my list for 2015!

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player, at least for me, is the second most popular video player for 2015 and its lightweight structure, as well as powerful streaming features greatly contribute to its massive user database.

Similarly to GOM, VLC offers simple, clean interface and ability to quickly install all codecs you may ever need by simply visiting their website. Furthermore, if the initial skin of VLC really bores you, it can quickly be replaced with a new one from the official website of the video player.


If you are looking for a software to play all kinds of files, even virtually unknown video file formats, you will most definitely enjoy using the KMPlayer – it’s known for being able to play anything and actually does that quite smoothly!

In addition to supporting playing all kinds of files, the KMPlayer also supports really rich internal codecs, as well as the ability to organize all your files in libraries, yet to be played.


Potplayer is relatively new video player on the software scene and what separates it from all its competitors is the ability to leverage the hardware acceleration feature of your desktop PC. This ensures optimal multimedia experience for virtually any file format you decide to play with the Pot.

If you are into 3D movies, you will be more than pleased to find out that Potplayer supports a lot of the popular types of 3D glasses and additional features, so it may be a good time to throw that useless 3D TV in the garbage!


While, this list contains pretty much only video players, Plex is something a bit different. If you install it on your desktop PC, you will be able to use it as a video player. However, if you want to take things a bit further, you may extend it to a media server, which comes as a premium feature. While not 100% free, the rich features of Plex will definitely come in handy for most users.

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