The Best Tech To Buy In November

According to most retail industry analysts, with the start of November comes the official start of the holiday shopping season. And, lucky for those in need of purchasing new technologies for personal use or extra-generous gift-giving – November may be the best month on the calendar for purchasing certain electronics.

Contrary to conventional consumer wisdom, which suggests that the best deals can be found in the homestretch of Christmas week, this isn’t necessarily the case. Most businesses, after all, have you right where they want you by then. If you need a particular item, you have to buy it on or before December 24th. At that point, you’re practically forced to buy at the available price because there’s no time to wait for a better deal.

In November, on the other hand, retailers want to get a running start for the holiday shopping rush. To do so, they will routinely offer the best prices of the season to draw you into their stores at a time when your shopping list is free of any checkmarks.

It’s certainly no coincidence that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday all take place during the month of November. And this year, November will be all about tablets, video games, and digital cameras.

Tis the Season of Tablets

It’s quite fitting that the biggest new tablet launch of the season – the debut of Apple’s new iPad Air – takes place on November 1st. With tablet sales projected to reach record heights this holiday shopping season, Apple is getting out in front early with its new iPad Air. The iPad mini with Retina Display is also expected to reach consumers later in the month. Of course, if you’re not an iPad fan, Apple isn’t alone in its tablet tactics for November. Some of the hottest tablets released this year, including devices from Samsung, Microsoft, and Amazon, will be readily available and at highly competitive prices.

It’s All Fun and Games This Year

Avid gamers will be video game heaven this holiday season. For the first time in many years, two of the biggest gaming consoles of the last decade will be refreshed in November. From Sony’s PlayStation 4, which goes on sale November 15th, to Microsoft’s Xbox One console, which has a November 22nd release date, this holiday season will be all about new systems and their new games. Expect price cuts on previous generation systems, competing consoles, and a wide variety of games that will now carry a very modest price tag despite still being relatively new releases.

Digital Cameras at Price Worth Shooting For

Notwithstanding the unrelenting popularity of digital cameras and the improving quality that this product category delivers with each passing year, the digital camera market continues to struggle in the face of intense competition from smartphones. From Apple to Samsung, the makers of today’s leading smartphones are also quite proficient at delivering an exceptional digital camera in their products. Due to this ubiquitous quality and convenience, many consumers simply don’t feel the need to own digital cameras apart from their smartphones. So what does this mean for those in the market for a digital camera? There are excellent deals awaiting your perusal, both in the realm of traditional brick-and-mortar retail and, especially, online.

What You Need to Know for November

November is perhaps the most opportune time to find the tech you want at prices you won’t believe. While October is too early to find the best deals and December is often too late, November has emerged as the calendar’s retail sweet spot for shoppers. And because most consumers put off their biggest buys of the season until December, getting a head start in November could give you a calmer crack at capitalizing on the biggest selection of goods at the best sales prices of the year.

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