The craze among youngsters about smartwatches is at its peak. Most of the best companies in the world, in the field of technology, which includes Google, Apple, Sony, Samsung and LG have been already developing and manufacturing such devices. Samsung, LG and Sony are releasing their smart watches nowadays, while there is a strong possibility of launch of iWatch from Apple this year.


The customers of Android are intrigued by the likelihood of buying the Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung, while the fans of America`s leading company Apple have been expecting for the long rumored iWatch from years. Nokia also appears to be entering the race in launching smartwatches subsequent to the filing of a patent application in the United States for a smartwatch which may come with manifold displays showing a variety of functions. Today we will discuss about the best features that are making these smartwatches worth the wait.

What makes smartwatches a perfect device?

According to us, the best feature in a smartwatch is its ability to bond with user’s smartphone which eventually allows user to perform activities with maximum ease. It is everything you need, a perfect device which got the looks and the brain. It gives user the power to control many things around them with just a tap on their wrist. User can see all the information at one place whether it be a weather forecast or news or messages, all we need to do is lift up our hand to check them out on our little watch.

The things we used to think about long ago are being made possible now with such high tech devices. Some of the smartwatches will even come with features such as Home automation which means that user can control various functions in his/her home like lighting, temperature, audio and more. They may also include high end security features such as finger print authentication.

The best thing that will happen to the user is that now he/she will not have to grab their smartphones in their hands again and again for every single notification. Every activity occurring on your smartphone can be directly seen in you smartwatch through its mini display. In some of the smart watches a user may even be able to pick up calls directly from the watch. They will come with all the fundamental features too such as music player, messenger, maps, calendar, Bluetooth and various clock themes.

Are smartwatches worthy of the price they come at?

Well, it totally depends on the needs of the user; to what extent he/she can utilize its features. Nothing is worthy of its price if you do not use it to the extent for what it is made. In terms of sales of these watches, it is not easy to tell whether these smartwatches will ever be able to chase down the needs of mobile phones buyers. Nowadays, mostly everyone uses their smart phones as their best pal and guide; do users truly require yet an extra gadget that carries around all the same functions that their tablets and smartphones already do? Till now we have not seen a persuasive sales proposition for these smartwatches.