We saw countless TV deals stream in during Black Friday, and those discounts aren’t slowing down at all. For Cyber Monday, we’ve already found several 4K UHD TV deals that are simply too good to pass up. Whether you’re looking for a new television for the bedroom, the den, or your very own home theater, you’ll save loads when you make your purchase today.

55-inch Samsung Curved 4K TV and a $175 Dell Gift Card for $699.99
This was the Black Friday deal to beat, and it performed so well that Dell is bringing it back for Cyber Monday. This Samsung model has everything you’d want in a new TV including a 4K resolution, HDR support, and a sleek curved design. It matches the lowest price we’ve seen elsewhere, and it includes a bonus $175 Dell gift card to use toward a new PS4 Pro, games, electronics, or even a new laptop.

50-inch Vizio M50-D1 4K Home Theater Display with a $200 Dell Gift Card and 6-inch Android Tablet Remote for $599.99
Vizio is one of America’s most popular TV makers because it delivers superb prices without sacrificing on quality, and this 50-inch M-Series home theater display is no exception. It’s getting great reviews for its picture quality, and it even includes a 6-inch Android tablet that works as a remote control. And if you use all of the included Dell gift card, you’re effectively only paying $400 for this set.

43-inch Vizio SmartCast 4K UHD LED TV $100 Dell Gift Card for $349.99
If you want a display that can double as a TV and a computer monitor on your desk, this is a great choice for the price. It has a native 4K panel, but you can always choose to drop it down to 1080p if your laptop can’t handle the higher resolution.

49-inch Samsung SUHD 120Hz 4K UHD TV for $897.99
Looking for a premium Samsung TV? This model is in their upper echelon. The KS8000 series features all of the bells and whistles you’d want in a high end TV—a native 120Hz refresh rate, an ultra-slim bezel, a minimalistic design, and HDR support with vibrant colors through Samsung’s quantum dot technology. Just keep in mind that Samsung only discounts these high-end sets during this time of year. If you’re shopping with the Super Bowl in mind, you should buy now. The prices probably won’t drop further anytime soon.

55-inch Samsung Curved 4K UHD LED TV and a $100 Amazon Gift Card for $747.99
This is similar to the curved Dell 4K deal listed above, and it’s not far off from a deal that Amazon ran earlier this year. This specific model is exclusive to Amazon, and operates very similarly to the UN55KU6500 TV. It’s not quite as affordable as the Dell deal, but this is a solid option if you have some Amazon credit you’re looking to use.