As more IT developers enter the market, the industry becomes more competitive for current developers, who need to stay up-to-date with the latest development languages and platforms. One fantastic skill that sets a developer apart from the rest and provides any developer with a higher pay rate is SharePoint development. Microsoft SharePoint is a customizable web interface that allows businesses to share and manage documentation and intranet platforms. For larger businesses, a developer is needed to customize the interface for each department.

Microsoft SharePoint Certification

Microsoft offers certification for SharePoint. The certification requires three tests: one for the Server operating system and two tests for SharePoint 2013, which is the latest version for the SharePoint platform. Even with the latest version, the developer will probably need to work with older versions of the SharePoint software, so understanding SharePoint 2010 will help with future job hunting.

Preparing for the tests can either be done through online courses, physical classes, book studying or just from personal experience. If the developer has personal experience, then receiving the SharePoint certification will solidify experience that can be put on a resume. For the SharePoint 2013 tests, the developer must also know the Server 2012 operating system, which recently came out as the new Microsoft Server platform. Since Microsoft Server 2012 was only released in the last few months, personal experience in this new interface is more difficult to obtain.

Rackspace also helps keep the developer community up-to-date on the latest SharePoint topics. Other ways of preparing for the SharePoint tests include reading Microsoft’s Technet pages and purchasing official Microsoft Press books. Developers who work for a company that subscribes to Microsoft MSDN can get free evaluation copies with the latest software that matches any book studying.

Scheduling an Exam

To take an exam, Microsoft requires the developer to schedule and take the exam at an official Microsoft Certified facility. The testing facility requires photo identification to take the test. No personal calculators or scrap paper is allowed, but the proctor will provide any if it is allowed for the test. A locker is provided to keep any extra belongings while the developer takes the test. Tests are completed on a computer and timed. The amount of time the developer has to complete the test is dependent on the test that is taken.

If the developer fails the test, he can immediately retake the test after the additional payment to the testing facility. However, if the test is failed a second time, there is a 14-day waiting period to retake the test. Each additional failure requires a 14-day waiting period. During this time, the developer can study for questions previously missed, and review information for additional questions where he felt he was weak.