When it comes to malware and viruses, both home computer users and businesses are at risk with many falling victim to this type of activity. According to recent reports, businesses are currently being targeted by scammers sending emails that claim to be from Dun & Bradstreet, a global business information and risk management company.

The Better Business Bureau is now urging businesses to be vigilant for these Emails, warning that they are scam emails that claim to be from D&B. The scam email also mentions the Better Business Bureau to add to its authenticity but is in fact not connected to D&B or BBB.

Officials from the BBB have said that the scam emails that are being sent out to businesses contain complaint identification numbers, which may look authentic but are actually fake numbers. The emails claim that a complaint has been filed with D&B by a customer that has an issue with the business in question. Businesses that have received the emails are then being instructed to respond to the email by clicking on a link that is provided within the mail. The content of the mail suggests to businesses that failure to click on the link provided could lead to the permanent record of the business with BBB being adversely affected because it means that they will have failed to respond to the email and complaint.

Many businesses that are fearful of their BBB record taking a battering have then clicked on the link provided to respond to the email, not realizing that the email is a scam and the complaint details are phoney. Once the user clicks on the link provided, they are taken to a website that is infected with malware and the email actually installs malware on to the user’s computer.  This then leaves the user open to problems and criminal activity such as identity theft and financial losses amongst other things. In short, according to BBB the spammers are aiming to get as many businesses as they can to click on the link within the email, thus infecting their systems with malware. The malware is then being used by the criminals to obtain sensitive data, access address books and contacts, and even transfer money from bank accounts.Businesses are being urged not to click on the link should they receive an email of this nature, with BBB stating that the email has nothing to do with D&B or with BBB.

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