If you’re looking for inexpensive, easy-to-use online backup, you probably won’t go wrong by choosing either BackBlaze or Carbonite. Both back up and restore data (but not application or system files) from both PCs and Macs. Both systems allow users to schedule backups at their convenience, and both encrypt files for security. Neither supports Linux.

There are differences, however:

Pricing: Using either BackBlaze or Carbonite won’t break the bank, but they handle pricing differently. For the most basic versions, BackBlaze charges $5 per computer per month for unlimited storage, while Carbonite Home charges $59 per year per computer. The business versions are priced differently: BackBlaze for Business costs $50 per computer per year for unlimited storage, and Carbonite Business $229 per year for 250MB of storage with no per-computer cost. Carbonite has another version (Carbonite Business Premiere) that backs up an unlimited number of computers and servers for $599 per year.

Support: This is another major differentiator. BackBlaze caters to do-it-yourselfers, and as such, has many self-service options but no phone support. Carbonite has phone support every day along with video tutorials and online support documents.

Mobile support: Carbonite has it, and BackBlaze doesn’t.

Growth capacity: Both products have business versions that increase capacity and features, but Carbonite goes one step further with its Premiere version, which also backs up servers and supports network drives and file servers.

Bottom Line: If you want simple, easy backup and don’t need much help, go with BackBlaze. If you want more customer support or plan to grow your business significantly, go with Carbonite.