While there are many great games being released this winter, two new generation gaming consoles are also set for release. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are both set to release in mid-November. Avid gamers have already reserved theirs, but more conservative consumers will wait awhile before purchasing the newest video gaming technology. The RateSupermarket video game system infographic provides great information for gamers in reference to brand new gaming systems.

Software Issues

New gaming consoles tend to have software issues. These are unforeseen problems that manufacturers cannot anticipate. It can be a huge disappointment to gamers to have a brand new system that promises them the world, and then, a software failure with game data lost. It does happen, quite frequently with new gaming equipment.

Mechanical Errors

Even all of the extensive testing that goes into the making of video games systems cannot weed out all of the bugs. Things break, estimated durability of parts is often off. In essence, new systems break, it is something that avid gamers have known for years. Most first generation new systems have a considerable amount of problems from overheating to game reading software going on the fritz.

Mechanical errors are not always caused by the user. It is important to read warnings and suggestions for use. Leaving a system on constantly does cause the interior hardware to work three times as hard. This is where malfunctions occur. The idea is to turn on the system, do what you want to do and turn it off when done. This helps them to last longer and make that big chunk of money spent worth it.

Not Backwards Compatible

Any games that you have for your current system are not going to work on the new releases. It is best to just hang on to your current console until you are absolutely tired of the games that you have at the present. Some of the games that will be released this fall and winter are being made for current and new systems. If you have already pre-ordered your new system, it is best to also order the game for that new system. It does also mean that you’ll have to wait longer to play since the games are releasing on current systems before the new consoles and games for those consoles are releasing.


The new game consoles are the most expensive yet. Waiting awhile is not a bad thing because prices drop rather quickly with these items. Someone that spent top dollar on that brand new system is likely to have it up for sale to pay bills and put food on their table at a fraction of the cost. By waiting a few months, you are likely to be able to save a minimum of $100. This also gives you the opportunity to shop around on various websites and in pawn shops for the best price possible. Several retailers are offering opportunities to win new gaming systems. It is always worth it to try to win a brand new system, especially when the budget just does not allow for the expense.

Long Waits for Warranty Repairs

It can take up to 6-8 weeks total for warranty repairs to be handled. For an avid gamer, this seems like forever. The process to obtain a shipping label or box for return from the manufacturer during the holiday season takes a bit longer. It also takes longer for the manufacturer to receive your package. Then, of course, you have to wait your turn while the technicians work on the consoles that made it in before yours. In some cases, parts may have to be ordered if stock has been depleted. Of course, you can visit a rental store for a temporary unit, but the manufacturer is not going to reimburse you for this. It is more money spent.

Keep these items in mind as you make the decision to buy the latest technology in video gaming consoles. It is ideal to wait. Let the manufacturers work out the bugs on the first issuance of the systems before you open your wallet. The price will also go down and it will be more affordable for you.