Dezzer, the music streaming company based in France that competes with Spotify, has acquired the assets of Muve music from Cricket. As a result, it will now partner to sell Deezer music services to Cricket subscribers.

The terms of the deal are classified, however, Tyler Goldman, Deezer’s North America CEO, stated that it was a “substantial” sum as it’s under $100 million.

The purchase of the Muve music deal is not a straightforward arrangement. Deezer is, however, migrating the user data, such as playlists and songs. The Muve customer base, which is estimated to be over 2 million users, is not automatically included. This is because they paid for their service as a part of their Cricket tariffs.

To curb this logistical hurdle, Deezer has made an agreement with AT&T to offer Cricket LTE customers 45 free days of Deezer before giving their customers the option to switch to Deezer subscription, billed at $6/month.

In addition, existing Muve music customers can receive up to four months of Cricket for Deezer: All Muve music users are eligible for 2 months and customers who have moved to the new Cricket GSM-based network can receive an additional trial period of up to two months. After the free trial, those customers will be also be billed at $6/month unless cancelled.

Muve music was provided at a $45/month all-in package that also included talk minutes, text, and web access. However, now, Muve music customers will pay a separate monthly rate of around $35 for their phone music with an additional $6/month, if they want the Muve music service.

Muve Music was launched by Cricket in 2011 as it grew to become one of the successful premium services.

In May, after the AT&T acquisition of Cricket’s owner Leap Wireless was completed, Cricket announced that it was exploring other music options for its customers.