There are countless uses for QR codes

In the past few days, I’ve seen quite a few articles and more than a few tweets about infected QR codes becoming a new security threat. The good news is that simply scanning a QR code from your phone isn’t going to give it any kind of virus. The potential for danger only comes if once scanned, the QR code takes you to a landing page that asks you to download risky software and you do it.

As with any technology, you should onlydownload software or apps from a trusted brand or company. Since QRcodes are able to be generated for free by anyone, it’s possible thatsomeone might try to use one for evil.

However, if concerns like this makepeople wary about scanning QR codes, custom QR codes could be theanswer. A custom QR code that’s created with your company’s logo, brand, and colors in mind will inspire trust and credibility in yourtarget audience much more than a standard black and white QR codewould.
Just like when you’re using theInternet or choosing apps to add to your phone, pay attention to whatyou’re downloading and clicking on and you shouldn’t have anyproblems.